About us

Abilix--Global pioneer and leader in Educational Robots

Abilix was founded in 1996, and is the world’s first educational robot brand. Over the last 20 years, Abilix has obtained a total of more than 400 patented technologies, independently developed over 120 types of educational robots, written more than 50 sets of robot teaching materials (in 9 language versions), which have been batch exported to over 30 countries and are the only high-tech education products batched exported.

Presently, Abilix educational robots are used in 31 countries and regions as platforms for teaching, competition and scientific and technological activities in more than 21,500 primary and secondary schools, more than 1,000 universities, more than 1,200 school robotics laboratories, and more than 300 robot activity centers (Abilix home). Meanwhile, Abilix has also established product distribution and service networks, online shopping malls, and offline experience stores for home users globally.

We Silicon microsystems, India pioneers in handling robotic kits and training to students and faculties across India since 2002. We have channel partners and training partners to support in all states of India. These Unique designed Robotics kits in all aspects give variety options to think, build and program the robots of their imagination.

Robotic Productss

Abilix has the world's most extensive educational robot product line. It has the family user-oriented Krypton series brick robots, Oculus series mobile robots, modular series Boya, Sinus series flying robots, and Everest series humanoid robots.

Robot shoppe/store

Catering to family users, Abilix has set shoppes at department stores, boutiques, airports, toyshops and chain stores for household appliances, selling educational robot products; meanwhile, a brand new experiential retail format is formed for adolescents to get in touch with AI and other future products at Abilix stores.

Robotics laboratories (Abilix labs)

cater to students in universities, secondary and primary schools. Using brick robots, modular robots, mobile robots, flying robots, and humanoid robots as platforms, and equipped with a brand-new course content, teaching model and evaluation system, robotics laboratories are a great solution to adolescent creative ability training based on technical education.Practice-Innovative Scientific Exploration